The Method Of Branch Transformation Data Migration

What Value Does Branch Transformation Bring to Financial Institutions?

For financial institutions to achieve value, they must focus on self-service first and then on the efficient consumer service. Financial institutions receive value when they get out of the cash management business and into the consumer service business and higher value transactions. With that said, how exactly do branch transformation services from Automated Transaction Delivery add value to your financial institution?

Consumer Validation

Consumer validation is one of the technologies we incorporated into our branch transformation services. We discovered from numerous financial institutions throughout Florida that one of their challenges was having trouble validating driver licenses. This posed the question of how do you validate a consumer? Every ATM uses a chip and pin, and every manufacturer utilizes this method. Furthermore, most solutions that are out there will get a picture of the ID or a picture of the driver’s license for reference. However, Automated Transaction Delivery takes it to the next level. We attach the validation software to facial recognition. Therefore, you’re able to validate consumers the minute they walk into your financial institution without the requirement of a card or driver’s license.

Managed Solutions

In our solutions, there are two key features. The first is an advanced management software that comes from GRE, which is called field view. This high-quality device management does your software patching and works with all your devices. Secondly, Antuar offers a dashboard for financial institutions to help manage all your transactions. This dashboard helps financial transactions keep track of their withdrawal and hold limits. For other suppliers, this can be a long and expensive PS engagement. With Automated Transaction Delivery partnered with Antuar, our solution removes a lot of that burden and costs. We allow financial institutions to make those changes on their own to all their kiosks at the same time.

Identify the Consumer Service Objective

When it comes to financial institutions, the approach is usually the same; they want help with identifying the consumer service they wish to use. At Automated Transaction Delivery, we introduce the tools to help financial institutions deliver the consumer service they need. When it comes to providing the right consumer service, there are four aspects financial institutions need to consider:

  • Consumer Convenience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Market Expansion
  • Branch Transformation

Solution Cost Comparison

For people that have gone over their costs with other companies, they understand that it’s incredibly long, a lot of fine print, and the challenges that come with explaining it to the client and the end-user. At Automated Transaction Delivery, our solution is simple; we go into a financial institution and host a three-day workshop. We develop what financial institutions need in phases 1, 2, and 3. Then, we take that project and give them a timeline, and we develop their project and provide them with a cost that is project-based, rather than professional services based.

The Best Value

The value we deliver with our branch transformation services starts with our ability to replace the cost of a traditional branch while increasing a branch’s consumer service. Our industry is derived from our technology that eliminates the need for a larger investment and long-term costs. Our branch transformation model allows financial institutions to enable the functionality they require while receiving the benefit of a 100% transactional offset.