Educated Decisions

At ATD, we believe the best decisions are educated decisions and we take the time and pride in delivering industry leading education to our partners. This education does not stop at presale to develop a business case to sell our specific product or service. We continually educate our partners from presales to help develop their solution, to implementation to make sure the solution works for them and on-going maintenance to make sure they continue to have the best solution for them.

Educational Seminars

Our educational seminars are intended to keep our partners up to date with the latest industry trends, solutions and compliance requirements. From Lunch & Learns, technology shows and personal meetings we take the time to deliver our partners’ needs.


We provide webinars/ web meetings to make sure we are making the best use of our partners’ time. These content specific to the needs of that partner and are delivered in an open Q&A format.

Integration Training

A solution is only as good as it works for you and integration/user training is a must to achieve this solution. We provide this training and support to ensure your solutions are delivering the services you expect.

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White Papers & Industry Articles

At ATD we are an industry leading provider of white papers helping financial institutions make sense of confusing compliance regulations. We are also a recognized publisher of information articles providing information in regard to consumers and technology.

The following are White Papers for your reference and use:

  • ADA Standards
  • PCI Data Security Standard
  • ATM Safety