Our technology is our difference when choosing a Branch Transformation and Transaction Delivery partner to provide solutions for today’s Financial Institution. Our solutions are developed based on the latest technology that is becoming the standard for current consumers and businesses. Our foundation is based on the flexibility of cloud based technology that is multi-redundant offering reliability and a central point that makes the integration of new services easy. We use primarily wireless communications delivering superior flexibility requiring only a power source at any location chosen for you transaction delivery.

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A Strong, Flexible Foundation

The predominant means to deliver consumer service today is with a cloud based wireless network. The technology that has become common place today has this base, from the smart phone, home entertainment/control and a growing number of business. The reliability of a multi-redundant cloud server offers the protection required for disaster preparedness and the reliability of real time data backup makes this a superior solution. The flexibility, reduced cost and security of encrypted wireless communications makes this a great value.

Remote Management

Our remote management technology provides the ability to get the most out of your transaction delivery devices. The remote control feature makes functionality, that traditionally nonviable, economically feasible and a great value. Our remote diagnostic feature improves up-time and issue response time to a fraction of current models. Our software distribution feature enables PCI required patch management and makes marketing screen changes simple and economical. The addition of our EJ uploading feature simplifies the retrieval of transaction information and Reg. E research.

Remote Transaction Delivery

Our remote transaction delivery technology enables our Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 solution to deliver personal service enhancing the expanded self-service transaction set. The solution delivers personal service through the use of video conferencing technology. Remote control allows the remote teller to deliver a majority of the transactions available to a traditional branch and teller environment. These transactions include cardless activity and check cashing to the penny.

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