You can rely on Automated Transaction Delivery for your financial institution’s ATM transaction processing. We have been providing transaction processing services along with our on-premise, off-premise and retail ATMs since 2000. All of our machines and their software are always up-to-date with the latest technology and security features.

Automated Transaction Delivery is a full-service registered ISO that provides processing services for all types of ATM’s. Our Vault Cash is settled daily and we provide weekend settlements on Mondays! This includes access to all national and regional networks including EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer). We have a high transaction-approval percentage because of our superior worldwide banking connectivity. We process bank cards from all of the major networks including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Pulse, Plus, Cirrus, Armed Forces Network, Maestro, Exchange, CU24, and Star as well as all State EBT programs that support ATM withdrawals.

Our ATM transaction-processing system ensures that all operations in a single cash transaction are completed without error. If some of the operations are completed but an unfortunate hardware fault occurs during the cash withdrawal attempt, our ATM processing system “reverses” all of the operations of this transaction and restores the accounting system to a consistent, known state that it was in before the processing of the transaction began. If all operations of a transaction are completed successfully, the transaction is completed by our ATM transaction-processing system, and cash is paid to the customer.

Each of our ATMs is equipped with triple-des compliant software that will safely route cardholder data through a phone line, a wireless device, or a TCP/IP internet connection. A simple cash withdrawal will take approximately 20 seconds to process with a phone line; 6-8 seconds with a wireless communication device; and 4-6 seconds with a TCP/IP Internet connection.

Our bundled ATM transaction processing services include network sponsorship; cash inventory settlement; charge-back notification; regulation-E claim resolution; detailed monthly reporting; and the proper distribution of surcharge income.

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