Nautilus Hyosung 7600DR Installation

We have recently partnered with Patriot Federal Credit Union to update their ATM technology. This is a new Nautilus Hyosung 7600DR drive-up ATM integrated with our signature cloud-based software. Hosting the machine’s software in the cloud allows us to manage the ATM remotely, preventing unnecessary downtime and man hours on technicians. We are alerted whenever any problems occur and are able to fix them on the spot from a remote location.

This particular machine offers an adjustable, tilting display for the driver to move the screen to the best angle for their view. The 7600DR hosts the latest technology to provide options for deposit processing, maximized capacities for dispensing and a user-friendly interface.

A 7600DR is a great outdoor option for a stand-alone ATM to broaden your customer reach or to place outside of a branch.

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