Controlling Unit

Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 3.3Ghz CPU,
4G RAM (up to 16GB)
500G HDD (Dual HDD support)
Windows® XP / 7 /10

Bank Note Processing Unit

High Speed Note Dispenser
Cassette Capacity: Max. 2,000 notes*
Max. 3 Cassettes
Reject Capacity: Max. 300 notes* –
Retract Capacity: Max. 300 notes*
OCR Note Serial # Recognition (opt.)

Banknote Acceptor

Processing Speed: 2 Notes Per Second
Escrow Capacity: 100 Notes or 50 Checks/Mixed
Cassettes Capacity: 2,000 pcs Cassette

Check Acceptor (Opt.)

Single Check
200 Check Bin

Customer Interfaces

19’’ TFT color LCD Touch Screen


Tactile 4*4 Alphanumeric Keypad
PCI compliant EPP

Card Reader:

DIP Card Reader
EMV 4.0 Level 1 Complaint
Motorized Card Reader (opt.)
Contactless Smart Card Reader
Card Dispenser(Opt.)


80mm 203DPI Graphical Thermal Receipt Printer

ADA Audio

Compliant with ADA, High Quality Audio \Headset Jack


Business Hours Cabinet
UL 291 Level 1 Safe (Opt)
Electronic Lock
Mechanical Combination Lock (opt.)
DVR Surveillance System (opt.)
Transaction Image Capture for Surveillance (opt.)
SECOne for software and network security (opt.)

Coin Dispenser (Opt.)

Dispensing Speed: 8 Coins Per Second
Hopper Capacity: 1.86 liters * 4 Hoppers

Barcode Scanner(opt.)

Support 1D and 2D code
A4 Statement Printer (opt.)
UPS (opt.) Customer Interfaces

Biometric Authentication(Opt)

Palm Vein Reader (opt.)
Finger Vein Reader (opt.)
Finger Print Scanner (opt.)
Facial Recognition (opt.)
Customer Awareness Mirror
DVR Surveillance System (opt.)
Transaction Image Capture for Surveillance (opt.)
UPS (opt.)

I31 Universal Kiosk