Controlling Unit

Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 3.3Ghz CPU, 4G RAM (up to 16GB)
500G HDD (Dual HDD support), DVD-RW
Windows® 7 /10


Standard TCP-IP Connection
4G Wireless Communications (opt.)

Banknote Processing Unit

Dispensing Speed: 7 Notes per Second
Max. 100 Notes per Transaction
Max>4 3,500 Note Cassettes
Reject \Retract Capacity: max. 300 notes*
OCR for note serial number recognition (opt.)

Banknote & Check Acceptor:

Processing Speed: 6 Notes or 1 Check per Second
Escrow Capacity: 100 Notes or 50 Checks/mixed
Cassette Capacity: 2,000 Notes \Checks per Cassette
Retract Bin Capacity: 100 Notes
Reject Bin Capacity: 50 Notes

Customer Interfaces Display:

15’’ TFT Color Touch High Bright LCD
10.4’’ LCD Touch Service Panel


PCI Compliant EPP

Card Reader:

EMV DIP Card Reader
Retract Card Capacity: Max. 30 cards (opt.)
Anti-Skimming (0pt.)
Contactless Smart Card Reader (opt.)

Receipt Printer:

80mm 203DPI Graphical Thermal Printer
Capture and Retract Capability

ADA Private Audio

High Quality Audio Jack


UL291 Level 1 safe
Electronic lock
S&G High Security Lock (Opt.)
DVR surveillance system (opt.)
Transaction image capture for surveillance (opt.)
Sonic alarm modules (opt.)

Additional Options

1D & 2D Barcode scanner (opt.)
A4 Statement Printer (opt.)

Working Environment

-31 F (-35℃) to 122 F (50℃)
(Optional Heating Unit for Sub Zero)
Relative humidity:
20% to 95% (40℃, non-condensing)

H48ND Island Drive Up