What Does It Do?

When Will it Do It?

How Much Does It Really Cost?

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There are a growing number supplier offering their version of a solution for Branch Transformation. Most of these suppliers base their products on concepts that require development that they look to Financial Institutions to finance. These quickly become technology experiments where the results, deliverable time and costs differ greatly from what was proposed. Getting answers to these simple questions up front can save time, frustration and long-term costs in solutions that may never deliver what was originally promised.

What Does It Do?

Transformation products are mainly market on concepts that are long to develop if ever to deliver what was originally promised. Knowing the answer to what it does NOW and what is a concept will save the frustration of long term development pain.

When Will It Do It?

These concepts selling businesses underestimate the time to develop new technology. The major challenge is in theantiquated foundation technology that they are attempting to use for development. Obtaining a fixed timeline for any promised concepts is critical.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

The costs proposed by many suppliers are difficult to understand and contain hidden costs. It is vital to know before you start any transformation to understand the total cost of ownership. Obtain a 5-year total cost commitment prior to beginning any Transformation.

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