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Automated Transaction Delivery is our brand of unique solutions that we have developed to offer financial institutions. In the industry, there is a constant buzz about automation because of the changing nature of the way people process their transactions. Year after year consumers continue to move away from in-branch, teller transactions toward automated transactions through an ATM or mobile device. In the past 10 years, teller transactions have decrease approximately 31%. Is your institution keeping up with changing consumer behaviors and new delivery technology?

When you choose to work with Automated Transaction Delivery, the sister company of ATM Worldwide, you can be sure to receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date transaction delivery solutions available. We provide much more than just a “box” that promises to deliver transactions.

Our Automated Transaction Delivery Solution includes:

  • The Device (ATM)
  • The Enablement (Transaction Processing)
  • The Maintenance (To keep it operating seamlessly)
  • The Cash Delivery

Unlike many of our competitors, we manage the full turnkey solution making delivering transactions simple for the financial institution. We have seen too many financial institutions burned by the companies that either fail to deliver on their promises, or provide an incomplete solution.

We deliver an easier solution

Most companies or manufactures that sell you an ATM leave it up to the buyer to figure out how to make it work. Because of this, there are a number of additional costs you will take on after the purchase of the machine that you may have not factored into your budget. Even if the company you choose provides the additional steps to get the machine up and running, often times they will not present the cost of doing so until after you have purchased the machine. The machine that you purchased may have the ability to deliver the solutions you are looking for but it often takes extra software, integration, specialists and PCI compliant internet connections and hosting to make it happen.

Automated Transaction Delivery does it differently. During our initial consultation, we get to know your business and its’ individual needs. We take those needs and integrate them into your new solutions so they are ready to go upon delivery. With the latest ATM transaction technology, we offer video conferencing capabilities for assisted transactions, check image processing, check cashing abilities to the penny, and cash recycling all hosted on our own cloud-based, PCI compliant servers. We will personally make sure your machines can deliver any capability that you wish to offer consumers. Because we are a one-stop-shop, you’ll see the cost of the entire project up front, with no hidden fees or surprises once you receive the machine.

Our Technology is our difference

At Automated Transaction Delivery we have made major investments in developing the technology that is required by today’s consumers. We have developed a fully integrated solution that makes transaction delivery easy. Our solutions operate independently from the existing platforms reducing the requirement of a long and costly integration process.

Offering the latest technology in transaction delivery can ensure that you retain your current consumer base and will aid in placing you ahead of your competition.

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