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Automated Transaction Delivery understands that in this new decade it is the software that makes the difference in the value and delivery of solutions for Financial Institutions. Traditional technology is focused on the device (Box) and how to develop software to support the device functionality. We use the opposite approach, locate the finest software products then integrate them into a great solution to the challenges faced by Financial Institutions.

It’s Not About the Box Anymore

Device centric technology has become quite outdated and is currently considered antiquated technology. Currently, a sever centric technology model is what every aspect of the solutions consumers expect the industries that serve them use. This technology has become commonly referred to as smart technology. It is literally the smart method to enable flexible, capable value-based consumer service. We base all of our solutions on this smart technology method.

The Software and Integration are the Difference

The difference in the delivery of any device is solely dependent on the software and infrastructure supporting it. Simply put and demonstrated in our example image. The difference between an ATM, Branch\Core Integration, and a Remote Video teller device is the capability provided by the integrated software.

Branch Solutions Require Branch Experts

When the objective is to transform Branch Based consumer service it makes sense to start with Branch Technology. The team at Antuar are experts in developing and delivering solutions for this specific purpose. They have taken their legacy teller system and integrated it into an Assisted Self Service Solution. This approach delivers the solution that solves the challenge of effectively serving consumers while increasing consumer service capabilities of existing staff.

Server Centric Banking Technology

The Antuar Banking Software Solution is server-centric based technology delivering results that are unmatched by any other current product supplier. This approach enables the ability to integrate each device for a seamless consumer service deliverable. A 360-degree view of consumer information originating from any number of systems provides the concierge with the information required to serve consumers. The central connectivity enables the ability to start a consumer service session then transfer it to any device suitable to complete the delivery efficiently and effectively.

Results Delivered

Antuar recently completed a brand transformation solution for America First Credit Union that involved a complete replacement of the branch teller system in 130 branches to yield results that directly increased the lifetime value of their customers by 1 new product per customer.

To find out first-hand what we facilitated America First Credit Union or to organize for an on-site software demonstration or simply explore how we might be able to support your branch needs, a free 30-minute conversation with one of us is an ideal starting point.

Server-Centric Device Management

Financial institutions are becoming very wary of the costs, complexity, and frustrations regarding the management and ownership transaction delivery devices.  Our server-centric approach to device management is a solution to this challenge while the financial institution retains control of this essential channel. We integrate many of the required software solutions into one point of access. Then each device can be enabled with the desired functionality for each individual location and market.

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