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Test our cloud-hosted banking software without leaving your office

Our banking software is easy to use and lets your staff spend time interacting with customers instead of counting money. Let us help make your staff more efficient while allowing them to promote sales within the branch. Your branch locations can still be a viable solution to providing great customer service and remaining profitable.


Device-agnostic and Core-agnostic


Unlike other options available for branch transformation, our solutions are not tied to any particular brand of device or limited by banking core connectivity. 

Antuar, our partners in banking software development, has created solutions that we stand behind as being not only the best in the industry but the most flexible. Our team of banking technology experts is able to integrate the Antuar software with any combination of devices that will help make your branch the most efficient. We can also work with any core banking system. 

The use of server-centric based technology enables the ability to integrate any required technology. A manufacturer agnostic solution allows for many device options. The incorporation of the latest management technology delivers reliability and business intelligence. These features together enable the agility to adjust to any condition. 


Assisted Self Service Banking

Our long history in the banking technology industry has shed light on what is best for helping a financial institution not only survive, but thrive and adapt to changes in the way consumers want to complete transactions.


There has been a gradual shift toward an Assisted Self Service model in many industries. Some great examples of this include:


  • Fast food kiosks for ordering 
  • Ticketing kiosks in airports
  • Self-checkout in grocery stores


With this method, the establishment is able to allow customers to complete simple transactions on their own with an employee present to assist with anything more complex. 


Similar technology can be integrated into banks and credit unions allowing the financial institution to better utilize their staff. Branch employees can focus on building relationships and recommending other products that make sense to the customer.


Using our banking software, along with the right devices, we can improve the efficiency, functionality, and profitability of your branches.