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Automated Transaction Delivery is a FinTech systems integration company that was formed in 2015 for the specific purpose of developing solutions for Financial Institutions. We continually study the challenges that Financial Institutions face and search the globe for products to integrate into solutions for this specific market.

Experience Matters

Automated Transaction Delivery is led by their CEO Fred Wheeler who has 34+ years in serving Financial Institutions globally. He has work with every major manufacturer and had roles from service technician to director for fortune 50 global business. We look for the same experience and capability with every partner we choose to work with in developing our integrated solutions.

Consulting First

It is near impossible to develop the best solutions to a challenge until you understand it first. Every Financial Institution has different challenges, goals, objectives and budgets. We start with understanding these requirements then deliver a custom solution to meet these specific challenges.

Using the Right Tools

Using the right tools to deliver the solution to a specific challenge is the only approach that will deliver positive results. Currently in the Financial Institutions market there are a few notable solutions that fit specific purposes.

These are:
Simple Transactions in Convenient Locations=ATM
Improve Operational Efficiency=Teller Cash Recycler
Limited Personal Service in Remote Locations= Remote Teller
Branch Transformation= Assisted Self Service Kiosks
Attempts to use these technologies for the purpose they are not intended usually results in a major investment with disappointing results.

The current buzz word in the industry is Branch Transformation and the meaning of this varies greatly generally dependent on the manufacturer and what they are attempting to sell. Many of the suppliers stating that they have a product for branch Transformation are traditional ATM Manufacturers. The issue with that is the requirements of a branch vary greatly form an ATM. The transaction, delivery and compliance vary greatly from and ATM to a branch. The logical method to develop a Branch Transformation solution is to use experts in branch and Teller systems and that is approach that ATD uses.

It is Not About the Box Anymore

The technology that has been developed for Financial Institutions until now has been largely based on the ATM and this box has reached its potential. The systems that enable these devices continue to be based on device centric development enabling each device. Financial Institution suppliers are the only companies continuing to use the box first approach. The more logical approach is to sue the technology first approach then develop the Kiosk (Box) to enable the technology. The result is a superior solution without the limitations of any specific box.

Constant Improvement

Automated Transaction Delivery uses the industry standard Six Sigma\Kaizen methods of process improvement to ensure we maintain the best possible delivery. We develop specific standard processes for each aspect of our business then continually work to improve these processes. You are either getting better or getting worse there is no remaining the same.

Mission Statement

Use the Latest Technology to enable the Greatest Delivery at the Best Value

Latest Technology

The Latest Technology can be referred to as Digital Banking and the migration from labor reliant transaction processing. The technology we rely on is server centric not reliant on any specific device or manufacturer. It uses browser-based technology allowing for the ease of development and use. These deliver Banking solutions far more capable than any other current product. We use technology enabled kiosks that are central sever enabled that deliver a Banking Platform far surpassing just a simple core banking system integration.

Greatest Delivery

Assisted Self Service is the latest method used by many industries to provide the greatest consumer experience. This model uses a self-service first technology enabled kiosks ensuring that the simple labor consuming requirement of transaction processing is completed by self-service. Personal concierge-based assistance ensure that immediate assistance is available when required. An integrated Tablet enables this concierge to aid with compliance and risk requirements for Financial Institutions. This concierge can also aid with information requests and financial services marketing.

Best Value

We use global partners to ensure that the Banks and Credit Unions we serve are receiving the best possible value for the solutions we deliver. This value is all encompassing in using no single manufacturer reliant technology which can limit options and value. Our model of developing a custom integration service for each institution allows them to leverage existing systems or the option of choosing new solutions or technology. The central server-based technology also enables the integration of all kiosk, tablets or any other technology for flexibility and obtaining the best value of each device investment.

Discover the Difference

Automated Transaction Delivery is proud to be different than most businesses the serve financial Institutions. We are not married to quotas or driven by dollars like most other businesses. Our mission is to help the Financial Institutions we serve in meeting their goals and objectives.

We look forward to Discovering and Delivering the Right Solution for You.

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