Automated Transaction Delivery’s remote technology solutions are designed to help manage the latest transaction delivery devices. It provides the connectivity and tools to enable the functionality to get the most out of your investment. Our technology delivery and management uses the capability of a central cloud based server and the flexibility of industry leading wireless technology. These solutions manage software compliance issues, delivery marketing campaigns and enable know before you go maintenance that provides an immediate response to any maintenance issues.

Remote Technology Solutions

Remote Maintenance Monitoring

Our know before you go diagnostic services enable remote diagnostics of the transaction delivery device prior to sending a service technician to investigate an issue. This allows for an immediate response when a device goes down and completely eliminates the need to travel to the site for simple reset/device clearing issues. If a site visit is required to resolve an issue, we supply the pertinent information to ensure that the Tech responds with the tools and service parts to ensure a first time fix.

Remote Diagnostics

  • Improved Reliability
  • Reduced Repeat Trips
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

PC/Core Management

Our PC/Core management service allows for access to critical information with regard to existing software and hardware on any device. This service provides remote access to the existing software on a device monitoring any need for PCI required software patches. We can also gather logs for use in troubleshooting any software or on-going issues.

If required we can provide software distribution eliminating the need for a site visit when a software patch is requited.

PC/Core Management

  • On-Demand Hardware Inventory
  • On-Demand Software Inventory
  • Software Patch Distribution

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Marketing Distribution

Our marketing distribution service enables the ability to distribute marketing messages on demand. This solution combined with our custom wraps increases market brand awareness while providing marketing messages for cross selling to existing customers and inviting new business. The central server functionality enables simple distribution to one or all transaction delivery channels. The availability to add our mobile marketing services offers a complete marketing solutions that integrates all channels for a seamless omni-channel brand and message. We deliver web/mobile development and maintenance, SEO and geo-locating, making sure you can be found first.

Marketing Distribution

  • On-Demand Marketing Screens
  • Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Omni-Channel Solution

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