ATM Deposit Automation

Despite the decline in use of checks, integrating ATM deposit automation into the services offered can be critical to your institution. Deposit acquisition continues to be a function required by consumers. Currently 37% of consumer transactions involve the deposit of cash or checks.

Why Consumers Prefer Deposit Automation

No need to fill out deposit slips

Teller deposit transactions require the consumer to fill out a form indicating all deposits by type and total. ATM Deposit Automation is simple…Place the checks (up to 20) and the cash (up to 40 notes) in the machine and it validates and totals the deposit.

A Complete transaction Record

A consumer receives a simple form at a teller transaction indicating only the total amount of the deposit with no transaction details. An ATM deposit provides a complete transaction summary indication notes received and an image of each check providing a far superior record of the transaction.


Consumer teller delivered deposits are limited to Branch Open hours which are generally 8-5 Monday thru Friday. The ATM deposit Automation is available 24X7 365 days a year and can be economically located in Branch or remote consumer convenient locations.

Mobile Vs ATM Deposits

The availability and use of Mobile deposit capture (Pictures on a smart phone) continues to grow but adoption and use continues to de quite limited. Currently only .04% of check deposits are obtained by Mobile devices. There are many challenges and limitations placed on Mobile that make it a less preferred solution to the ATM that include the inability to accept cash, image quality, and fraud protection policies.

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Deposit Automation Technology

The technology required to achieve the best solution for deposit automaton is determined by 2 major factors.

Consolidation Server Technology– A consolidation server automates the check processing process taking the check images from the ATM and consolidation them into a form to be delivered to the Federal Reserve. This technology also allows for easy review of any questionable deposits prior to submittal.
This technology is far superior to “sneaker net” going to the ATM and processing the checks VIA a teller which defeats much of the cost saving that can be obtained.

Envelope Emulation VS Two Button Functionality– Consumers want the availability of cash deposited immediately and their checks handled by banking rules. Envelope emulation does not allow for this to occur, it emulates an envelope deposit that takes the transaction in one process. Two button functionality allows for the separate handling of checks and cash allowing for deposits to handle the way consumers prefer.

Our Solution

Our Deposit Automation solution offers the latest is deposit taking technology to include our hosted consolidation server, two Button deposit acceptance and wireless communications allowing for the best value and maximum flexibility for the financial institution. At Automated Transaction Delivery, we like to say that we “introduce the technology with a timely solution to implement and bring to market.”

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