60 Month Total Ownership Cost

Integration Project

Integration Project

Cloud Hosted

Cloud Hosted

Comparison Summary

60 Month Solution Cost Comparison

Teller Terminal$654$319-$335

Supporting Data

Integration Costs

Professional Services
SW Development/Installation/Other Services

Project Management $12,650
Terminal & Tablet Branding$8,349
Server & Tablet Configuration and Installation (Intial unit/site)$12,155
Unit Configuration & Installation (Initial Site/2 Units)$6,325
Staff Training (Initial Site/1 Day)$3,163
Staff Training ( Subsequent Sites/1 Day)$1,595
Active Teller Server Application (1X per institution)$30,250
ATM Network Site License - Integrated Application$36,603
MoniView RMS Server Software$1,898

Client Costs
Server\Software\Professional Services

Server and Software (MS Win Server)$5,800
Video Conferencing$12,500
Deposit Consolidation Server$24,000

Added Features NCR Costs

Remote Diagnostics$13,000
Remote Marketing\Branding$3,000
Software Patch Delivery$3,000
In house labor (Intigration Project 6 Months)$25,000
Supplier Labor (80 Hrs)$4,800
Total Integration Cost$204,087

Monthly Cost(60 Months)$3,401
Total Monthly Hosting Cost$5,260
ATD Hosted Cost$1,300
Monthly Savings-$3,960.19

Active Teller SWM$6,325$527
ATM Intergation SWM$7,590$6333
Moniview SWM$385$32
Server SWM$580$48
Video Conference SWM$125$10
Deposit Consolidation SWM$2,400$200
Remote Diagnositics SWM$1,300$108
Remote marketing SWM$300$25
Software Patch Delivery SWM$300$25
In House labor( Server Maintenance 20 Hrs per Month$600$50
Supplier Labor(40 Hrs)$2,400$200
Total Monthly maintenance$22,305$1,859

Device Costs

7800I unit Costs

7800I $74,250
Check and Cash imaging Software$880
Moniplus 2 for Branch Transformation$2,530
Moniview RMS Agent$215
Additional Media (Starter Screens)$265
CEN XFS License$1,265
Consolidation Agent$935
Unit Configuration & Installation(Units 3+)$1,898
1500 VA Ups$300
Equipment Prep(12 HRS)$72
Consolidation Setup$500
Cencin Lock$750
Cencon Lock (Deposit)$750
Freight from NHA$2,280
Bring Live$900
Total Cost$9,109

7800I Monthly Costs

Hardware Maintenance (FLM $1200 SLM $7000)$685
Check and Cash Imaging Software (SWM)$165
Moniplus 2 for Branch Transformation (SWM)$460
Moniview RMS Agent (SWM)$50
Additional Media (SWM)$0
CEN XFS License (SWM)$126
Consolidation Processing$220
Communications (T1 Line)$1,200
Skype User Seat$75
Monitoring and Dispatch (10 HRS)$600
Remote Remedy$0
El Upload (Weekly 2 HRS)$480
Marketing Delivery (Monthly 2 HRS)$120
Network Processing$120
Total Cost$4,301

Teller Unit Costs

Teller Unit Costs

Hardware (Teller PC)$2,400
Active Teller Video Workstation Application$1,250
Terminal Branding$7,590
Unit Configuration & Installation (Initial Site/2 units)$5,750
Total Hardware$16,690
Total 60 Month$283
Total Monthly$654

Teller unit Monthly Costs

Hardware (Teller PC)$240
Server Seat $30
Total Maintenance$371