Fintech Startups may be the answer for FIs

Fintech Startups may be the answer for FIs

The chorus of Financial Industry experts continues to grow in regard to technology and the Financial Institution. The message remains clear, migrate to technology or quickly become irrelevant to consumers. A recent article originally published by and republished by is one of the clearest to date.

FIs sink or swim with fintech player not only addresses the issue but the dramatic increase in growth and investment in startup fintech companies. This growth establishes the fact that this trend toward technology is here to stay. These startups are looking at new ways to migrate current cutting edge technology into solutions for Financial Institutions. Technologies like “cloud” based computing, that has become the norm for most industries, secure wireless communications, that offers flexibility of delivery and “technology fee” based solutions that control costs. Who “buys” a smart phone anymore, this hardware has become secondary to the “technology fee” based delivery.

Automated Transaction Delivery is one of these FinTech startups that has invested its 30+ years of experience in Delivering Solutions to FI’s, its market foresight and expertise in technology into the solutions for FIs.

The ATD Solution is based on a foundation that includes. It must be easy to implement and add new technology(Cloud Based). It must be cross functional mobile and transaction delivery(Omni channel). It must be flexible, not tied to expensive hard wired communications networks (Wireless). It must be affordable, eliminating the MAJOR investments in integration, professional services and hardware that requires an upgrade long before it has paid for itself. (Technology Fee Model).

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