Financial Institutions continue to search for a solution to migrating consumers to a more efficient means of consumer service. The simple fact is that the answer is all around them in the way consumers prefer and continue to be served. Every industry is developing solutions for transforming their business to efficient consumer service using the same process. They have the same objectives and use the same approach. Their Methods to implement the delivery of effective efficient consumer service are also very similar. When they complete this process the result is the solution to migrating consumers to efficient consumer service. All the successful consumer migration efforts use the same approach.

The objective to any Branch Transformation effort is to migrate the consumer to a more effective, efficient means of consumer service. Many different products have been attempted to achieve this goal but to date every one of them has fallen short of expectations. The successful approach has been to use Assisted Self Service to serve consumers.

Let Technology Deliver Transaction


Use smart banking technology to deliver most of the requirements to process transactions enabling your staff to focus on consumer service improving consumer satisfaction and driving sales.

Self Service First


When developing the delivery make every effort to migrate as much service while making sure personal service is readily available to help consumers.

Migrate Existing Systems


Migrating existing systems will make the consumer migration effort successful. The knowledge of existing systems and process will greatly aid in the migration to Technology. This approach also offers the option of a staged migration enabling the ability to adjust and maintain consumer use.

Branch Transformation Solutions

Branch Transformation Is Not a Magic Box It Is a Business Strategy


Developing a business strategy is the key to any effort to migrate consumers. Many of the efforts to date have been introduced as a products (Magic Boxes) that solve the challenges of migrating consumers. Many of these efforts have delivered disappointing results after a long and expensive project. The cause of these failed attempts can be attributed to the very approach they use. The logical method is to determine the objective of the transformation effort first and then develop the solution to meet this objective.

Business Strategy


The initial step in developing a transformation strategy is to determine the objective of the institution. Are you looking to expand into new markets, expand same store sales or improve operational efficiency.

Branch Strategy


Branch strategy can be a global solution with each branch delivering the same consumer service in the same method. A multi tiered approach is likely a better solution for most consumer service solutions. Differences is demographics and population can make the one size fits all approach a challenge with too much cost in some locations and the wrong service delivery in others.



The simple fact is that you can develop and test a solution in a lab\test environment for an extensive period of time but you will never understand all of the challenges in a live environment. A Pilot project is the only way to fully understand the requirements of any solution in a consumer service environment.

Roll Out


Developing a rollout project is critical to transformation acceptance and success. This project should be completed in a phased and timely approach. A hurried approach limits the ability to adjust the project to changing environments and delivery improvements. This phased strategy also enables the ability to determine consumer acceptance and improve the project to meet any consumer concerns.



The Transformation process is continual with changes in technology and consumer preference. It is important to use software and devices that are flexible enough to change with market challenges. History has taught us that purpose built ATM’s can be a poor investment when the answer to compliance requirements and consumer migration is the replacement of expensive machines. It is also always important to research market pricing comparisons to ensure you are getting the most flexible product for the best price.

The Method that has proven to be the most successful for consumer migration has been to migrate existing systems to Assisted Self Service. There have been many attempts to date looking to deliver Branch Transformation. The Teller Line ATM and Remote Teller efforts to have delivered mixed to disappointing results.

The current efforts to integrate ATM based boxes direct to core banking systems have proven difficult, expensive and time consuming. Their very approach eliminating the infrastructure (ATM Rail) that enables ATM functionality in an effort to go direct to the core systems requires a huge amount of effort and expense,

The industry standard in migrating services to technology has been to migrate existing systems. This method eliminates the need to develop completely new infrastructure to enable functionality.


If the objective is to Transform Branches then the logical partners to look to would be experts in Branch Solutions. Many of the businesses that are proposing Branch Transformation products are ATM manufacturers whose focus has been on enabling devices to deliver simple financial transitions in a convent manner.

The team At Antur Banking Software solutions are 20+year Branch Solutions experts. They develop solutions from the perspective of the branch not a box that is designed for a different purpose.

About Antuar


Antuar is the fintech company providing best of breed software that delivers innovative branch solutions for Financial Institutions as they transform their branch network. Our software facilitates Branch Transformation that serves the customer base, improves efficiency and grows sales.

Antuar was formed in 2012 by a group of banking and technology professionals who each have more than two decades of experience working with banks around the world, and with the technology that informs branch delivery solutions for Financial Institutions.

Today Antuar operates across North and South America and Europe with offices in Dublin, Florida and Buenos Aires.

Antuar solution

Antuar Banking Software is the key to our Branch Integration Solutions.

  • This server centric not device centric solution enables ease of integrating new functionality and transaction migration between any devise.
  • The browser based approach enables the ability to integrate almost any functionality without the need for a long expensive integration project.
  • This solution is core system agnostic allowing for implementation to any core banking system in a lead time far shorter than any ATM based integration.
  • The hardware agnostic approach provides the flexibility to choose any device without the being limited to one manufacturers devices.
  • The Branch Based approach ensures that required branch deliverable and functionality requirements are met.
  • The ability for Branch Staff to Control all functionality and delivery of any device supports improved consumer satisfaction.
  • The Permission Set control by the Financial Institutions enables the ability for the institution to adjust permission sets and Business Rules without the need for an expensive project.

Developing Kiosks to deliver the capability of technology is a far superior approach then attempting to add technology driven capability to a purpose built box. The Automated Transaction Delivery Developed and GRG Banking produced Universal Banking Kiosks are designed with the flexibility to enable any current or future technology. The ability to change functionality on the same base platform system enable numerous configurations for different requirements. This flexible design allows for customization in varying locations, demographics and consumer requirements.

If the objective is Branch Transformation then the solution must include the all of the requirements of a Branch. Automated Transaction Delivery continues to develop solutions that achieve this solution. This solution continues to deliver not only the consumer service requirements but the branch Intelligence and reliability required for an integrated Branch Solution.

Banking Software Solutions

Enable the ability to deliver Branch consumer service the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Enabled by Advanced Video Surveillance and Analytics deliver security and business Intelligence required by Financial Institutions. Intelligent Business Solutions enable the ability to monitor, remedy and update any deceives to maintain the best possible reliability