Launches Automatic Transaction Delivery

ATM Worldwide Launches Automatic Transaction Delivery

New Orleans, November 2, 2015 – ATM Worldwide, a Louisiana based integrator of ATM technology, announced today the introduction of a new business, Automated Transaction Delivery (“ATD”).  Automated Transaction Delivery’s sole mission is to provide Financial Institutions with the latest in transaction delivery technology that is easy to implement at an affordable cost.

Automated Transaction Delivery is a technology based firm with over 30 years of experience in delivering solutions to financial institutions nationally and globally.  This experience has resulted in a year of investment and development in industry leading solutions that Financial Institutions require today and for the foreseeable future.

The goal for all solutions developed by Automated Transaction Delivery is simple – deliver the latest technology, make the technology easy to implement and affordable to our customers. From a simple cash dispensing device and web/mobile integration to the most advanced Assisted Self Service ATM with video interface, ATD delivers a completely integrated solution that works day one with the desired functionality and brand delivery our customers expect.  Our solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing our financial institution’s to customize options to meet the needs of their customers/members at each location and at a cost that makes sense to the financial institution. All of ATD’s financial solutions are easy to implement and eliminate the need for long, difficult and expensive technology integration by the Financial

Institution, including the long-term operational management of such integration.  ATD’s full spectrum of FI solutions are affordable, allowing for options that include technology enabled FI owned devices to a complete pay as you go managed service.

Latest Technology

Marketing Enabled Device – The migration of the standard cash dispenser to a marketing enabled device to improve market presence, brand and cross selling opportunity. Web\Mobile technology that enables market presence and delivers what consumers expect today.

Deposit Automation – Self Service full function ATM enabled with the technology to provided “envelope less” deposits separating “cash and check” transactions for flexible credit and availability.

Branch Functionality inside of an ATM – The latest in Assisted Self Service with “self-service first” functionality allowing for 68% of traditional teller transaction being delivered through automation. This technology delivers industry leading savings in operational costs. Remote video assistance and control technology enabling personal service\ assistance when and where required.

Complete Integration
Integrating technology is required for today’s consumers and future capability.  Automated Transaction Delivery integrates all devices from web\mobile to the advanced. This integration is provided without an expensive and extensive project by the financial institution. Our secure PCI compliant integration also allows for simple operational access without the headache of maintaining complex time consuming in-house IT software and communications.


Central cloud-based control software and wireless communications technology allows for complete flexibility in solution function and placement. This means of delivery also allows for seamless implementation of new technology as it is developed and centralized remote control Diagnostics, Marketing, software update delivery and management.

Ease of Implementation

Automated Transaction Delivery solutions were designed and developed to be implemented by any financial institution, regardless of size and/or sophistication. Each ATM device and solution is delivered operational to the installation site, eliminating the need for customer site development and the disappointment of only half of a promised solution. Most current advanced solutions are delivered with the promise of functionality in the future, ATD solutions are delivered completely functional with the whole solution working immediately, not a promise sometime in the future.

Affordable Options

Introducing new technology can be expensive with upfront and costs hidden by equipment providers who simply state “system requirements” in their proposed solutions that require major investment. Automated Transaction Delivery solutions are delivered with all of the requirements for complete transparency in costs. These solutions are offered with the options ranging from equipment purchase and monthly technology enablement to complete managed services.