assisted self service atm

Assisted Self-Service ATM

Assisted Self Service

Our ATD8800 is the solution that financial institutions have been looking for to improve consumer Assiservice while lowering operational costs. Our solution is designed for simple implementation at a reduced cost in comparison to other options available today.

Self Service

The ATD8800 is based on self-service first allowing consumers to complete almost 70% of the transactions that are traditionally Teller based. The cash functionality is enabled by our cash recycling, multi denomination delivery and to include coin. Envelope-less deposit functionality includes cash and checks handled separately allowing for flexible availability.

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The ATD8800 delivers assisted service features that enable remote or local personal service. This capability assists with extending branch hours, transaction delivery in remote minimal staffed loan offices and unstaffed self service locations.

Our Solution

Our Assisted self-service solution enables the latest technology in the simplest manner and at the greatest value available today.

Ease of Implementation

Our integration makes implementation simple with centralized control and wireless communications.


Our solution allows for flexibility placing devices and assistance anywhere.


Our value is in our delivery. We have completed the required engineering upfront allowing no need for large development investment. Our cost per device allow for investment in only what you require.

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